Painting of Cornish Bay, acrylic on canvass


Since the launch of the Low Vision Art website in October 07 I am pleased to say that I have heard from hundreds of people throughout the world and have been able to help people with sight loss and assist Carers, Post Graduates, Disabled and Blind Clubs to enjoy the beautiful pastime of painting and tactile art.

Many artists who had given up painting because of sight loss have been able to re establish their enjoyment of art by following the simple tips detailed in the guide of this website.

We have heard from people in China, Vietnam, Bahrain, India, Canada and the USA.

Here are a few highlights:


I am a member of the speaker’s panel for the Royal National Institute of Blind people and visit all types of groups throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset to deliver inspirational talks. With over 2 million people experiencing sight loss in the UK, the RNIB plays a major role in bringing added quality of life to visually impaired people.

Royal National Institute of Blind people


In July 2017, my guide dog Marshall went into well-deserved retirement. He still lives with us as a much- loved family pet and companion to my new guide dog, William.

William is now 3 years old, a Labrador/ retriever cross, from guide dog stock and from a litter of 11. We understand that all William’s siblings are working guide dogs. Marshall was always going to be a hard act to follow but William is proving to be a brilliant guide dog.

Guide Dog William

Art Workshops

In Autumn 2018, I held several art workshops in Devon and Somerset for people with sight loss. We received many positive comments afterwards from the participants. Many had given up painting since going blind and were excited and overwhelmed to find they could still produce wonderful paintings. Others were thrilled to discover painting for the first time.

Art workshops in Devon and Somerset

Art workshops in Devon and Somerset

Art workshops in Devon and Somerset


Sense is a charity dedicated to everyone with complex disabilities and deafblind. Sense helps people communicate and experience the world. I run fortnightly art workshops at Sense in Exeter where the participants produce wonderful pieces of art. A gallery of our paintings can be seen at Cafe 55 in Exeter.

Sense charity

Art Workshops

Art workshops

Art workshops

Exhibition at London Eye

In October 2009, I took part in an exhibition alongside other blind artists at the prestigious London Eye to support a project by Blind in Business on World Sight Day.

Big Day for West of England School

In November 2009, I arranged an exhibtion for 5 learners from the West of England School for children with little or no sight at the Exeter Phoenix which raised over £1500 for art development in the school.

Portland, Oregon calling

In May 2010, I was contacted by a medical journal based in Portland, USA to assist with a major project being published in their magazine.

It is not possible to mention every project I am involved in but I am pleased to say I have fulfilled each and every one of them to total satisfaction of the recipient. I am now looking forward to the great experience and honour of carrying the Olympic Torch on 20th May in Dartmouth in Devon.


Whitney, a post graduate student, at the Boston School of Optometry was writing her dissertation on art therapy. I was pleased to help her by providing background information and Whitney was delighted with the end result. It was a great pleasure and privilege to help Whitney and we wish her the best of luck for the future.


A London man who sadly contracted MS was suffering the early signs of sight loss. He was introduced to LVA by his local MS Society and was so pleased with my help and support he asked for a small painting to hang in his room to give him focus and inspiration. I duly obliged and we stay in touch; again I was very happy to help.


Pascall, a carer in a hospice in Florida, USA, contacted me as she was caring for a patient suffering from severe sight loss as well as a life limiting illness. I sent a painting and a few simple painting tips which have given her encouragement. My thoughts are with Pascall and her patient.


In June 07 I donated my painting ‘Trawlers’ to St Andrews Church, Exeter to raise funds to maintain the Church. This duly raised £199; it was a great pleasure to support the parish and church warden Mr Brian Snell who works very hard in our community.

Barry and Brian Snell who received the painting on behalf of St Andrews Church

Pictured here Brian Snell receives the painting on behalf of St Andrews Church.


During May and June 08 I held my first solo exhibition at the Phoenix Art Centre in Exeter. It was certainly a busy time for me with many visitors and several schools attending and a ‘Meet the Artist’ evening.

Barrys work at the Phoenix Centre

School childern viewing Barrys artwork

It was a great pleasure to receive the school parties at the Exhibition. The students asked some very in depth questions and discussed the ongoing development aspects of my work and the various techniques I had used. Many wrote to me afterwards saying they had found the exhibition inspirational. One young girl said she could see a mermaid in one of my seascapes.

Barry discussing his art with students

A student looks at Barrys work

My sincere thanks to the staff of the Exeter Phoenix for their kind help and support and all the visitors who made the effort to come and see my exhibits.


I have visited art clubs and blind clubs throughout Devon and Cornwall where I tell my life story and how I cope as a blind artist.
I have had a very positive response to my presentation and many people have re established themselves with painting having previously thought they were unable to paint because of sight loss.


I have now visited several schools throughout Devon carrying out small workshops. It is very important to me as these youngsters are our future and need support and encouragement.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me e mails. It is not possible to send a painting to everyone who contacts me but I will try to reply to all the e mails. – I will keep this page updated.

Barry with a classroom of school children

barry talking about his work

All photos have been produced here with the permission of the schools involved and no further publication is allowed

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