Painting of Cornish Bay, acrylic on canvass

Create a Tactile Painting

To construct this simple tactile painting, (Trawler) the materials required are:

Canvass of your choice
Acrylic Paint
Texture Paint
Interference Paint (Shimmering Blue)
Balsa Wood
Moulding Clay
Grit and Sand
Gloss Varnish

1. Paint background bright yellow. This will be stimulating and make it easier for the eye to work with

2. Add contrasting colour masking tape across centre of canvass. This will assist in keeping paint straight and in the right place.

Paint the sea with aqua green paint

3. Paint the sea with aqua green acrylic paint. Then mix cobalt blue texture paint and shimmering blue interference paint and create waves with aqua green. Use a palette knife if necessary. Cover with gloss varnish.

4. Paint in the sky. Mix azure blue and cobalt blue and work from top to bottom but when 1 inch from top blend in mixing white to fade in the horizon. Paint up to masking tape.

Make the rocks

5. To make rocks, mix texture paint, grit and raw umber and paint onto left hand corner. When dry, use Hooper’s green and Burnt Sienna to make the rocks effective.

6. Cut and shape balsa wood, boat shaped and lighthouse shaped and mould into shape using sandpaper.


7. Shape seagulls using moulding clay and the floats for the boats. Paint seagulls white and the floats florescent red. Glue to the canvass. Painting is complete.

The finished painting

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